The Zixanar are a very strange species, and the main enemy of the Empire of Scale. Their lower bodies resemble centipedes somewhat, with multiple legs extending from a segmented body. Their upper bodies are humanoid, with one hand being clawed and the other being a long sword or spike of bone. Snarling heads top off the vile race. This is them alone. This does not take into account the many creations they surround themselves with. They are best known for these creations, horrid monsters stitched from fallen beings. They have been known to bully demons into their service as well, promising agonizing torment if the demon does not follow orders. The demons act like the zixanar are superior, but are numerous enough to exterminate the horror on a whim.

They are enemies with the lizardmen for the simple reason that the Empire won't submit. They believe they are the pinnacle of creation, and that all of reality should serve them. This includes the lizardmen. However, the Empire doesn't want egotistical tyrants torturing them to death and stitching them together into monsters. This leads to violent battles between the two. It also leads to elementals disliking the Zixanar as well. Zixanar force their world to bend over backward to their whims. As creators and guardians of that world, elementals hate seeing it twisted like that. Sure, a little adjusting is fine. But the Zixanar take it to a whole other level. When they first reached the surface, they disliked the sun's glare. So what do they do? They tried to destroy the sun. They obviously failed, but this shows how far they will try and control their surroundings.

Zixanar tend to make their homes underground, where they are in constant conflict with the Terraniers and each other. Not only do they believe they are the best species, but each Zixanar believes it is the best of the best. This leads to a constant power struggle. However, they can put aside their plotting and form large attack forces.

No one is really sure how something like this came to be. The most prevalent and well supported theory is that the Zixanar are ythik warped by demons into warriors. The theory goes that demons found Uldtheron, and decided to warp the native ythik to serve them. They shattered their minds and bodies, turning them into monsters. This new species was able to build and create, unlike the demons. So the zixanar create new machines and soldiers that demons have access to. This origin is true, and there is another layer. The Forgotten God was killed after bringing demons to Uldtheron, and its essence was used to create the first Zixanar.

There are also rumors that the Zixanar are playing god by not just creating their normal mutant zombies, but actual species. Knowing them, they would be minion races, but they would be living breathing races none the less. These rumors have not been confirmed, but the implications are still frightening...

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