Quick Facts

Habitat: Jungle

Diety: Aladir

Appearance: Green scales, elven body type

One of the more classical Lizardmen physically, Wildclaws are beast masters extraordinaire. They tamed Torquelus early on, and the two have practically been symbiotic ever since. They have mastered archery, and often use it from the back of their mounts. This led to the formation of Wing Riders, a sect of Lizardmen who ride Torquelus into battle and rain arrows down from above. Some use thrown weapons, but most use bows. They have since taught Wing Riding to the other clans, but they were the first.

They themselves are well adapted to the jungle, even without their mounts. They can climb trees so well, they practically walk up them. They are omnivores, able to eat the varied fruits and meats of the jungle.

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