The planet the Empire of Scale occupies. This world is somewhat earth-like in composition, with large oceans of liquid water, albeit not as large. The ratio is closer to 65%water, 35%land. There are large biomes, with many having a lizardman tribe adapted to it. There are four major continents, with many smaller islands dotted through the seas. Some of the larger islands have become significant to the Empire.

Iskun- home of Imperial Capital




Takon- large island south of Pliacris, considered to be part of the continent.

Magmaheart Isle- Home of the Steelskulls

Legend:Vibrant Green = Jungle

Uldtheron Map

Dark Green= Temperate Forest

Orange = Plains/Savanna

Sea foam = Wetlands

Yellow = Desert

Dark Blue = Capitol City

Very Light Green = Tundra

White = Icy/Snowy

Brown = Boulderwastes

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