Torquelus (tor-kel-us) are giant birds domesticated by the Wildclaw clan. They are the wildclaw's closest companions and are even considered sacred animals.



Torquelus are long necked birds of prey with large, powerful wings. They are big and strong enough to easily carry one wildclaw, and two with difficulty. They come in various colors, but one of the most common is a golden yellow. Atop their head is a feathered crest.


Carnivores by nature, they usually eat small mammals and fish. They use their long, serpentine necks to slip between branches to catch prey or to keep their wings above water while they glide over rivers fishing.

They are also intensely loyal to any wildclaw who bonds with them. Torquelus eggs are presented to aspiring wing riders, and the chicks chose a wildclaw to bond with. From there, child and chick grow together as one soul. This bond gives a rider and their bird an almost telepathic connection. Each can always tell what the other is thinking.

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