Colossal monsters, in an eternal game with Aladir the Huntsman. They are immortal, powerful and always wary. Aladir hunts them as he wishes, taking months if not years in his chase. The beasts do not fear though. The whole cat and mouse game is just that: a game. When Aladir finally fells a behemoth, they are not truly dead. They return to life within the hour, uninjured and content. The looks on their faces simply says "alright, you got me." They all roam around Aladir's domain, which contains a large jungle surrounded by mountains with a giant lake in the middle. In the center is a staggering tree housing Lanaria's Nest, the main hub of Wildclaw spirits. As the name suggests, the nest of Lanaria lies in the center of the boughs. Spirits can climb down and hunt the undying beasts at their leisure, or befriend them as they wish.

Wyvenom: Titanic wyvern, whose very blood is toxic. Most often found flying around the mountains, occasionally venturing into the jungle. Not only does it have the classic stinger, but it can also breathe a cloud of noxious gas at it's foes. When Aladir knocks it out of the sky, he often takes vials of blood to tip his arrows with.

Gethik- A massive tyrannosaur, with longer claws. It also has spikes running down it's spine, and a posse of raptors surrounding it. These raptors are not actually part of the hunted, but normal celestials who flock to the mighty behemoth. As a sore of hard mode, sometimes Aladir tries to take down Gethik without hitting any raptors. The raptors don't ever fully die either. They just reincarnate into eggs back at their nest.

Leviathan - massive aquatic monster that lurks in the lake in the middle of the hunting grounds. It has crustacean claws, a turtle shell and a breath weapon of scalding water. It swims effortlessly through the crystal clear pool, ambushing those who get too close. Rumors of a portal beneath the waves circulate,

Khami- worm like burrower with a circle of teeth. basically a purple worm, but a dirty brown with silver highlights. From it's mouth comes burning fires that can melt stone. Aladir has to draw it to the surface in order to fight it. There are rumors it can burrow to Volmiros's realm, but only the gods know if it is true.

Firon- A mix between a yeti and a great ape, and the smartest of the Hunted. It swings throughout the trees, with orangutan like arms. Unlike all the others, it has been seen using sticks as clubs or javelins against Aladir. These are very primitive, usually just a large branch it has ripped off a tree.

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