Quick Facts

Habitat: Underground

Diety: Volmiros

Appearance: Rocky, rough textures scales. Large muscular build. Tiny eyes.

Tough as the rocks they live under, the Terraniers are the dwarves of the lizardman world. They are master stone and metal workers, and build their cities around the natural curvature of the cavescape. However, they do shape their homes to what they need. They also have an interesting trait. They have the ability to curl up into a ball and roll around. While in ball form, they can roll at surprising speed and are much harder to hurt, due to their rock hard scales. They can also "see" where they are rolling with tremorsense. In fact, they see almost exclusively through tremorsense. They do have weak eyes that can see infrared, but above ground they are useless.

They are most famous for their metalwork. Before they met the other clans, stone tools were not uncommon. With the techniques of the Terraniers, the empire entered an age of metal tools.

The Terraniers are so versed in metalwork because it was the main resource they had to work with. Aside from stone, various metals were easily available, and used to the best of their ability. Bronze is a common material, but various other metals have been used. To melt down these metals, they use lava brought up from the depths. They use stone buckets, usually enchanted with some form of fire protection, to carry the molten rock up. Dumping the lava into basins, they use the heat to melt the metals. Casts of parts (sword blades, metal plates, etc)are carved from rock and the liquid metal is poured into them.

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