Quick Facts

Habitat:Volcanic Isles

Diety: Raginak

Appearance:Large, muscular with black scales. Red scales run along their bodies like tattoos.

Towering over their fellow lizardmen at around 9 feet tall, Steelskulls value strength and hard work. They believe that all beings have an inner fire, that fire fuels their passion and strength. These two beliefs lend themselves to their warrior cultures. Their training never ends, and involves two stages. The first stage is building their inner flame, making themselves stronger. The second stage is focusing their rage, making them even deadlier. This second stage could be comparable to monk training, except without any of the spiritual growth. It is purely sharpening their fighting. Masters can take a rock shattering blow and deliver five back.

This combination of physical strength and refined control let them become the alpha predators on their home of Magmaheart Isle. They were feared and respected by all on that island, and even in the surrounding waters. They can swim, and ate fish when they wanted. But they prefer hunting on land, tackling and overpowering their prey.

In the Empire, they often take up manual labor jobs. They are the biggest and strongest, so they are popular workers. Many also find employ as guards or warriors.

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