Quick Facts

Habitat: High altitudes, especially plateaus.

Diety: Eyaluna

Appearance: Midnight black scales, large eyes

The starseekers are nocturnal lizardmen, who praise the stars and moon. They live in high altitudes to be closer to their goddess Eyaluna, the moon goddess. They are originally from the mountainous regions of Pliacris, but have spread to all sorts of heights. Their entrance into the empire was shaky at first, due to the whole day/night issue. However, they did eventually work it out. They also have the best night vision in the empire, with the Nightblades coming in close second.

Their whole clan revolves around altitude. The higher you are, the closer you are to the moon, and thus Eyaluna. This likely arose as a result of their mountainous homes being high above the rest of the world. These high perches also gave them two physical boons as well. he first is the ability to scale sheer cliffs with ease. They can grip like geckos with duct tape, making vertical cliffs no problem. The second is glider wings. Starseekers have retractable webbing between their arms and legs, allowing them to slow down any falls. This helps them navigate the trickier sections of their homes, and makes most feel more in touch with their goddess. When not extended, the webbing is not visible.

They have a famous conflict within the empire with the Sandscales. Their religious systems are incompatible. The Starseekers worship the moon and shun the sun for burning and blinding them. The Sandscales worship the sun, disliking the chill of night and welcoming the star's warming rays.

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