Quick Facts


Habitat: Frozen south

Deity: Onacillepa

Appearance: Small birdmen. Light blue feathers, mini peacock tail, short beak

Living in the icy south, Seranid are opportunistic traders who have a good relation with the Frostundra. They have their own language, but almost all of them also know Imperial. They have a good grasp of the vocabulary, but use their own grammar structure, resulting in caveman Imperial. "Good trades here." "Something needed?" This is enough to get their point across however, so it works. some have better mastery of the language, and can speak it fluently.

They are rarely found outside the cold but some have migrated farther north, to the north pole in some cases, in search of fortune. Most who leave find a home in Lizardman lands, where they fill a variety of roles. Merchant, cryomancer, fortune teller, and more. However, they are mostly found in near the poles of the world.

Their religion is focused on luck and fortune. Priests of Onacillepa are required to carry some item of chance as a holy symbol. This could be a pair of dice, a deck of cards, or even a special coin. They use these to read a person's fate. If you are not satisfied, they will gladly help fix your luck. For a price.

They also possess ice magic, but it is unclear where the source is. Some think it is elemental, other believe it is arcane. The divine theory doesn't hold water, as cryomancers are different than priests. However, wherever they get it from, their "ice magicers" are skillful casters.

They have an interesting naming convention. They judge importance based on name length. At birth, they are given a single syllable name. When they reach adulthood, they choose another syllable. Magic users like priests and cryomancers have three syllable names. Their leaders have four syllable names. Onacillepa has five syllables, and is therefore greatest among their kind. However, this convention only applies to Seranid. So someone with a very long name isn't automatically going to be a god to them.

They rely heavily on large shaggy beasts called Mamen. They use them for meat, muscle, hide and companionship. Mamen names are the same length as their owner's. These beasts have been bred into two distinctive categories. They are physically similar, but have small variances related to their job. The first are the Stronglegs, who are bred to be strong, tough and high endurance. These are mainly used for carrying heavy loads, pushing slow plows, and extended hunting trips. The second are the Softfurs. These are bred to be more domestic, calm and with better products. Softer fur, higher quality meat, etc.

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