Quick Facts

Habitat: Desert, most in Embersand

Diety: Cindag the Solar

Appearance: Sandy bronze scales, thin & tall, ridged eyebrows to protect eyes from direct sun

Sandscales are desert dwellers. They are best known for their discovery and mastery of glass crafting. They discovered it after lightning struck the desert sands. They then found a way to create glass on their own, and are famous for it. They are also known for their connection to the element of air. their shaman use wind to manipulate their native dunes, create massive sandstorms and replicate their discovery of glass with lightning. Sandscales prefer wind instruments, such as flutes or windchimes. Considering this affinity for air, this is little surprise. What is a surprise at first is the power of their scales. Each one is like a mini solar cell, able to generate bioelectricity from their god's warming rays. It is not much, but it is enough to either give them a boost of energy or electrically charge an attack. Due to this, depictions of their god's wrath take the form of bolts of lightning fairly often. It can also be a line of fire for obvious reasons, but lightning is just as common.

Their native Embersand is also known for it's Boulderwastes. The Boulderwastes are a rocky, barren landscape rich in metals and Sandigos.

Once a year, the Sandscales have a festival of colors to welcome the growing season. To celebrate the wet season, they gather up sand, flowers and a little bit of water. They crush the flowers into colored powder, mix it with the sand and adhere the colored sand into balls with small amounts of water. This can take a few days to get a large supply of colored sandballs, but it is all worth it the next day. At high noon the next day, in full sight of the sun, the Sandscales take the sandballs in hand and pelt each other with them. The loose sandballs don't hurt when they strike, and leave large swatches of color on the scales. By the end of the day, the citizens and their surroundings are blooming with color. Everyone is laughing and brushing their scales clean of the loose material.

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