Quick Facts

Haitat: Ocean

Diety: Subris

Appearance: finned, fish like scales

Aquatic version of lizardmen, these ocean dwellers have a hard time on land. Their webbed feet and hands shake upon first exiting the water but they can become almost amphibious with practice. They do still need to be wet though, and are rarely out of eyesight of water.

However, in the water, they swim gracefully and easily. They can breathe underwater, and have many small cities around a strong current called the Slipstream. Like in finding nemo, it acts like an underwater highway between their coral cities. They are formed by constructing rough frames, then using magic to accelerate coral growth until the building is done.

They sometimes tame aquatic animals, most famously Geldro. Geldro are dolphin sized hunters with two large fins, a whale's tail and a long neck like Nessie. They act like the Salthide equivalent of dogs. They guard their homes, accompany them on hunts and even carry their burdens sometimes.

Salthide's main diet is fish and crustaceans, but those near kelp do eat that as well.

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