The surrounding solar system of Uldtheron. The Empire doesn't know much if anything about these planets, because they are still roughly in the bronze age. They are in order from closest to farthest from the sun.

Cindag - Yellow star in the center of the Uldtheron system. Named for the lizardman god of the sun.

Ethyke- medium, burning world speeding around the sun. No atmosphere, or any liquid. Three tiny moons, all captured asteroids.

Uldtheron - Planet housing the Empire of Scale. One moon. In the warmer side of the Goldilocks Zone, making the world more friendly to cold blooded life.

-Eyaluna - named for lizardman goddess said to live on it's surface. surprisingly, there is a thin atmosphere. It is not enough for any animals, but a miraculous species of blue lichen has managed to eek out an existence. There is not usually enough to turn the moon blue, but a rare occurrence is for a massive bloom to occur, temporarily tinge the moon's surface with a light blue hue.

Kebra - A small world infused with arcane power (think more Nagrand than Netherstorm). Ley lines run rampant throughout the rocky surface. This allows life to survive with less energy from the sun. Manatwisters who know about the planet theorize this is where Lyriana lives. In reality, she does visit the world and has been known to stay there for multiple Kebra years. Here, she discovered the messenger fairies that she befriended and brought to her realm. Since then, they have used their teleportation abilities to deliver messages between the gods. These fairies did not all follow Lyriana, though some pop into Uldtheron to see what's happening. These appearances have been observed all around the globe, and have inspired some Lizardman mythology.

Loalia & Astria - binary planet system. Loalia is bigger, but not by much.

Zuliv - Titanic gas giant on outer edge of the system. Large, Saturn like rings plus four moons. Each moon is an outpost for a different type of elemental.

- Yater - Icy world whose frozen crust hides a liquid ocean. The liquid elemental's portal lies beneath the surface.

-Meliv - a hard, stone world with rich metal deposits. Crystals grow unchecked on it's surface, leading to a rugged, jagged top. Solid elementals patrol the labyrinth of tunnels cross crossing the entire moon.

-Cenerith - a world that is surprisingly hot and active compared to it's distance from the sun. The energy elementals wandering it's surface cause the volcanic activity which heats up the planet.

-Aethe - a world with a thick atmosphere. Gaseous elementals swoop and dive through these skies.

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