Clan: Seranid

The only non-Imperial diety on Uldtheron, Onacillepa is a goddess of luck and fortune. She encourages opportunistic ideals and a focus on luck. Her priests will tell your fortune, and if you don't like it they'll gladly help change it. For a price. They are also required to have an object of chance on them at all times. This could be a deck of cards, a pair of dice, or other such items. Dice are a common choice.

She is very close to Kujani, the two are like sisters. This stems from the fact that the Serenid and Frostundra are both from the same climate, and co-evolved in a way. It was not the most extreme case, but the two species grew close early on, and this bond carried into sentience.

She appears as a humanoid bird, with a straight backed posture and two swords. One for good fortune, and one for ill fortune. The lucky blade has a golden pommel, and a smooth, gem encrusted blade. The unlucky blade is serrated, with a black blade. Puncturing spikes stand out of the handle, ready to stab any who dare approach. These light, thin swords sing when she fights, a mesmerizing dance.

Subgods: The servants of Onacillepa could be likened to archangels. They are divine beings who are higher than others. All gods have divine servants, but these take responsibility from Onacillepa. All follow her model of human like bodies (straight backs, two arms, etc) with feathers and bird heads.

Battle/Strength: This subdiety wields a large, heavy sword, and is Onacillepa's strong arm. They are based of a falcon, with a sharp beak and keen eyes.

Healing: Wielding a staff with a blooming flower tipping it, this subdiety deals with healing and medicine. Their long neck and beak give them a stork or heron like appearance.

Law/Order: Found within Onacillepa's domain, this subdiety is a judge, who makes sure Onacillepa's divine will is followed. It wields a gavel with the ability to enlarge to a warhammer. Their owl eyes miss nothing. This also allows them to see things others miss, such as hidden opportunity.

Nature: This subdiety is responsible for the plant and animal senses of the Serenid. It helps them tame Mamens, hunt prey and find plants. They have a colorful beak like a puffin, and the same black & white face. 

Death:This subdiety deals with the souls of the dead, and is heavily associated with winter's frosty bite. They have the midnight black feathers of a raven, with the curved beak and head of a vulture.

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