Quick Facts

Habitat: Temperate Forests

Diety: Tazos

Appearance: Black scales, whip like tail, thin frame

Believed to be a sister species of the Starseekers, the Nightblades are skilled assassins and ninjas. They hunted prey with stealth and toxins as beasts, and they continue to kill with these methods as a clan. They deliver their venom through toxic blood. However, these toxins are not deadly. Nightblade venom causes drowsiness and weakness, allowing the Nightblades to finish off their prey easily. It doesn't work well on other Nightblades however. It gives a slight headache if one Nightblade poisons another, but nothing serious. The effect fades with blood relation, so the venom of a family will have no effect on other members of the family. Yet the toxins are still potent against other lizardmen. The Nightblades must take care not to injure their allies.

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