Shaggy, tough, and sacred to the Seranid, Mamen are the iconic polar/snowy animal to the Empire. They come prepared for the cold with thick fur, massive tusks for defense and a pair of majestic horns.



They appear like a cross between a mammoth and a yak, and serve a similar purpose to the latter. These giant hairballs trod across the tundra feeding on plants in herds for protection. They generally try to avoid combat, but can use their bulk and tusks to deadly effect if pressed. Especially when the whole herd fights together.


The seranid have domesticated many of these animals, and use them for a variety of tasks. In general, the females have softer fur, and are sheared for it. They also produce milk, which the Seranid find refreshing. Males on the other hand are tougher, and used for manual labor like pack animals and plowing snow. Both are turned into meat when they die though, and their tusks/horns can be turned into spear points.

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