An intensely adaptable family of fish, Longjaws are omnivorous feeders who will eat any organic matter they find. Plants? Animals? Dead, rotting meat? All accaptable to their digestive systems. This incedible versitility in their diet has also led to a vast range of habitats. Different Longjaws have inhabited different biomes, but they all share their sinature mouth for which they are named.

Longjaw Snapper


Aside from their distinctive jaws, the other thing all snappers share is their feeding frenzy. When a group discover a large source of food, such as a large dead animal or a fruit tree fallen into the water, they go into a frenzy where they rip and tear into their food with reckless abandon. This frenzy actually helps their children, as it pre-shreds food for them. As such, many schools frenzy often soon after mating season.


As vicious as they can be when hungry, they are very low on the food chain. Many creatures eat them, including many lizardmen. They are so abundant that they can survive this however, and this has led to Mudfangs penning off large sections of swamp to farm longjaw snappers. This has become especially prominent with the rise of the Empire.

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