The Lizardmen are one of the most prevalent races on Uldtheron. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, but are all joined by some common traits. Such as reptilian appearances, tails and a love of creation.

The Empire Of Scale

Lizardman Clans

Wildclaw : Beast masters extraordinaire, they were the first clan to domesticate another species. These were the Torquelus, who would become lifelong partners.

Sandscale: Desert lizardmen

Frostundra : Hairy, polar lizardmen

Mudfang : Crocodilian swamp dwellers

Salthide : Aquatic lizardmen

Steelskull: warriors from a volcacnic isle

Terranier: subterranean lizardmen

Gearhead: Crackpot inventors

Manatwister : Powerful sorcerers

Starseeker: Nocturnal lizardmen

Nightblade: Stealthy, venomous ninjas.

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