A tiny world, yet lush with life. This small rock floats in and out of the Goldilocks zone, being kept habitible by the vast amounts of arcane energy that has accumulated within the very stone of the planet. This wild mana causes permanent auroras, as well as long chasms revealing potent magic. The unchecked arcane power has also given rise to a multitude of magical beasts, spread across the globe. It has also allowed some to grow to titanic scale. Known by Lyriana as Paragons, they are humongous versions of native fauna so powerful only she and other Paragons could stand a chance. The infusion of so much arcane power also gives them heightened intelligence, making them not only bigger and stronger, but smarter.

Lyriana spends a large amount of time here, feeling alive in the glow of radiant arcane. She was drawn there soon after her birth, unable to resists the lure of so much magic. She still keeps a portal to the world in her domain, and visits when she wishes.

The two best known natives are the messenger fairies, and the doedicurus like behemoths that they inhabit. The fairies themselves are tiny things, averaging around 6 in tall. They look like typical fairies, but with lavender skin. They have a very deep connection to the arcane, enough to let them teleport at will. Arcane energy can be thought of like a universal atmosphere. These fairies can 'fly' through this atmosphere so fast they can appear anywhere instantly. Their behemoths are their muscle. Being small makes them more vulnerable, so they developed a symbiotic relationship with a local beast. The beast's large, hollow shells made ideal fortresses. In return for the shelter, the fairies protect the beast with magic. Whole communities can live within some larger specimens.

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