Usually depicted as being wrapped in vines, the goddess of nature helps her mortals survive in the swamps and marshes of Uldtheron. She is also one of two goddesses associated with healing. Iveryss commands beasts and plants to fight for her, but isn't afraid to get into the fray herself. She favors wooden weapons, such as clubs or staffs, for obvious reasons.

Her power has only increased with meeting the other gods. Knowing of the other beasts across the globe, she has learned to command them as she does those in her swamps.

She had a bit of an argument with Aladir for a while, due to his habit of repeatedly murdering his titanic beasts. When she learned from the Hunted that is was a game, she became alright wit hit though. She has even joined the hunter on a hunt, against the Leviathan. She loves spending time in his jungle, just for the gorgeous scenery.

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