Clan: Gearheads

The rest of the Imperial gods feel like something you would find in a normal fantasy setting. Hunter god, magic god, ocean god, etc. Gnomariov feels like he fell out of a sci fi story and decided to set up shop. He has a brilliant mind for engineering and science, and it shows. He sends his followers out in mech suits with turret support. He himself wields a deceptive weapon that also feels like it came from Science Fiction. Normally, it is a wrench that Gnomariov uses to repair his bots. One smack and they are back in action. When needed though, dual energy beams come out of the spanner, making it look like a double bladed light saber. He wields this with divine grace, but prefers to pilot some giant mechanical robot if he must enter close combat.

His divine realm is full of computers and robots, with gearhead souls repairing and expanding on the mass. There is a joke in the divine circle that not even he knows what everything does. In the heart of his realm is a titanic computer, containing all his knowledge. To hold all this information, he has many giant hard drives. Imagine New York, but replace all the buildings with equally big computer parts (both memory and processing). This gives an idea of the scale of the creation. It is rumored that Gnomariov has contacted alien gods with this device, but the Gearheads don't know. He has, the Nerosk God in particular. One of his personal projects is a starship, which he builds with the hope of meeting these aliens in person. He knows nothing of spaceship construction, but he is an immoral engineer. he can figure it out.

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