Quick Facts

Habitat: Arctic areas

Diety: Kujani

Appearance: Thick, insulating fur. Males have beards, females have long hair from back of head.

A strange version of lizardmen, Frostundra live in very cold climates and have adapted by growing a thick coat of fur. None are really sure how this happened, as reptiles are not hairy by nature. However, the Frostundra boast both a shaggy coat and scales underneath. However, this allows them to overheat fairly easily when out of their cold homes. To counter this, when travelling somewhere warmer, such as the Capital City, they shave most of their fur, revealing their icy white scales. They do keep their beards/long hair though. Those are signs of age, and thus experience. It's not a perfect system, but it is a good rule of thumb to keep in mind.

They are unique in another way as well. They have not only the most legends, but also some of the most vivid and imaginative. This is thought to be a result of what they call their "Frozen Dreams", a deep sleep akin to hibernation. A lack of scenery is thought to be another cause. With so little on the horizon, their minds make things up to be there.

Frostundra 'grew up' alongside Serenid, and have a good relationship with them. The Serenid have also influenced their culture, making them better traders and sharing survival tips.

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