Risen from borthamir, Erumanthian warriors were made for two things:praising Vyril and killing lizardmen. They are very good at both, even with the simple stone weapons they have. Their methods are simple and crude, but undeniably effective. Accompanied by their pet chichounds, they will spread their god's influence by force.



Like the borthamir they were created from, eruman have hooved feet, beaks with tusks coming out of the side and a line of coarse hair going down their back. Unlike their beaked boar ancestors though, they have clawed hands capable of ripping skin like tissue but still able to grab tools and weapons.


Eruman were created by the zixanar Vyril as soldiers and worshipers on his path to become a god. They carry out his will with blades raised and war cries in their throats. They revere him so much that priests are the highest ranking in their society. Right below them are mages, then beastmasters, warriors and finally laborers. Even laborers will pick up an axe for their god though, and mostly exist because they are needed. Given their choice they would be on the front line with everyone else.

The beastmasters are responsible for the chichounds, one of Vyril's gifts to his new soldiers.

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