The Empire of Scale is the name of the lizardman empire that spread across the globe. This reach is tentative however, as it relies on the cooperation and trust of the native clan. For example, without the Sandscales the Empire would have little to no power within deserts. Their capitol is a large city on Iskun, spreading over a large swatch of jungle. The jungle was decided upon because it provided a relatively comfortable environment for most lizardmen. It was warm enough for the Sandscales, wet enough for the Mudfangs and the spot the picked had sea access for the Salthides. The Frostundra have to shave their fur to avoid overheating, but that would be true for any place other lizardmen would be comfortable. It is a young empire, only being a few hundred years old. In this time, they have worked out a rough government that seems to work.

The Council

Each clan has a single representative. This representative listens to their clan's opinions and makes decisions based on their clan's desires. Together, these representatives make a council who govern the empire. Very simple, but it works so far.

The current emperor is Kuros, and he is the first and so far only in this position. He is less an authority as much as a mediator for the council. Debates can get heated in the council, so Kuros's job is to keep everything civil and reasonable. It wouldn't do to have two clans hate each other because one of their reps got stabbed during an argument. The emperor is also a unifying figure. All clans need to be unified, and the emperor unifies the representatives. He is also a singular figure to look up to. If each clan only respected their representative, they would be much more divided.


Emperor: Kuros

Wildclaw: Flight Master Amaxal Vinebow, Torquelus: Esheit

Gearhead: Admin Zitric Voltflare

Steelskull: Myrmidon Korlox Lavaheart

Manatwister: Arcanite Lenusu Warpcaster

Sandscale: Duneshaper Sirguk Sunstorm

Frostundra: Dreamweaver Miske Iceshatter

Mudfang: Exarch Ohunix Mossfist

Salthide: Tidelord Cenaxi Pearleye

Terranier: Underlord Ecrux Stonebinder

Starseeker: Skyreader Iznes Cloudpeak

Nightblade: Shadowdancer Utric Daggertail

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