Clan: Wildclaws

Master of the wilds, Aladir is the ultimate hunstmen. Along with his best friend and mount Lanaria, he takes on the most deadly monsters the forces of hell can throw at him. When not beating back the demonic hordes, he stalks powerful beasts in his own domain. The Hunted, as they are collectively known, are titanic beasts of incredible power. Yet both sides know the hunt is a game. When Aladir takes down a Hunted, it revives within minutes.

His divine realm is a lush, thick jungle with a pool in the middle. At the center is a single, colossal tree. In the crown there is a whole city of Wildclaws, the resting place of the dead. Lanaria's Roost is where the souls of those past recover from their expiditions, for the jungle calls. The souls are free to roam through the jungle and hunt the various beasts hidden within, and all take advantage of the offer. Like the Hunted, these beasts never truly die. When one is killed, it is reincarnated, and begins life again. The same is true of the hunters. If one falls to the beasts, they are carried back to Lanaria's roost, where they recover.

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